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Faithful to the artistic vocation that has characterized the cultural life of Versilia since the times of Carrà, Dazzi and Soffici, the Hotel Acapulco hosts in its large hall, in various rooms and in other common spaces the works of interesting emerging artists, in various ways linked to the tradition of the territory.

In the 2024 season, the evocative and refined oil paintings of Massimiliano Luchetti, the mutant fantastic biology in sculptures of marble, terracotta and various materials by Jenamarie Filaccio and the sculptures (mixed media from digital cast), photographs and installations of future archeology by Maicol Borghetti interact with each other.

Art Hotel 8
Maicol Borghetti

A multifaceted and self-taught artist, Maicol Borghetti expresses himself through various disciplines, including photography, 3D design, video, sculpture and electronic music. Born in Pietrasanta, he lives and works in Viareggio, where he directs StudioB19.

The journey into the world of art began during adolescence, when the author started to be interested in photography and 3D computer graphics. Over the years he has undertaken a path of exploration through various forms of expression, including the creation of short films and the composition of related soundtracks. The fulcrum of his works has always been the human being, both as a single plastic figure and as a complex entity, immersed in his journey to overcome the limits of time and space.

Through his art, Borghetti seeks to investigate human existence and our role in the universe, establishing connections between past, present and future.

Art Hotel 9
Jenamarie Filaccio

Also known as Good Jena, Jenamarie Filaccio was born in 1953 in Youngstown, Ohio (USA), where she graduated in Criminal Justice in 1975. In 1982 she arrived in Italy, where she enrolled at the University for Foreigners in Siena, and then moved to Carrara. From 1983 to 1997 she attended the Marble School in Carrara, the sculpture course at the Academy of Fine Arts, the free school of the nude and various marble workshops.

She has held symposiums and numerous personal and collective exhibitions. She has created various series of works in papier-mâché and various techniques in collaboration with Gianluca Lerici alias Professor Bad Trip.

She lives in La Spezia where she works as a sculptor, exhibition curator and teacher. In her free time she cultivates the fields and plays the piano.

Art Hotel 10
Massimiliano Luchetti

Born in Pietrasanta in 1975, Massimiliano Luchetti approached painting from a young age. In 1992 he attended the famous F. Palla art studio in Pietrasanta as a collaborator, honing his knowledge of materials (marble, clay) and drawing technique.

His painting translates into violent de-constructions of the pictorial material, which from a vaguely palpable (but present) figurative reaches the essential. A strictly oil painting that finds a rare artistic expression in the series of Journeys - dreamlike, initiatory, real - and Maps: the classic theme of travel is alive and tangible, albeit lost in the fog that envelops memory as well as the future.

His latest works, material cosmogonies in balance between the concept and physicality of color, are increasingly linked to a conceptual deconstruction of matter.

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